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If you haven’t done Google ads before or if you’ve tried yourself, you may have noticed it can work! You may have also seen how easy it is to waste money!

Here is a simple, quick, & easy way to start saving hundreds of dollars per month on Google Ads and decrease your conversion cost. 
1. Start by logging into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords).
2. Click on the Overview section
3. Change the dates to the past 30 days on the top right over the page.
4. Then scroll down to the section called “Keywords”.
5. Sort by “Clicks” which means you’ve spent money on these keywords.
6. Page through the keywords and find ones that are completely irrelevant to your business. Keywords like that can be for competitor business searches, services that you don’t offer, or random keywords like “best suburbs of [major city you are located at]”. These are all keywords that are directly related to your business and waste your money.
7. When you find a keyword, hover over the keyword, you’ll see a pop-up.
8. Click on “Add as a Negative Keyword”
9. Keep default settings the same. Negative keyword in quotes and match type as phrase match.
10. Then add to the campaign(s) you are running.
That’s it!
Now you will not spend money on those keywords moving forward in your business. By doing this, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars each month in irrelevant ad spend. 

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