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Are you ready to take your moving business to the next level?

We are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new services for moving business owners to grow their business.

1. A specific Google Maps algorithm focus in our organic SEO strategy that is proven to work.

2. Our official launch of our Google Paid Ads Service!

We are pleased to announce our new services! Below are two videos, both cover the same news.

One is quicker and less detail, one is more detail and longer.

Want the longer version (10min), more details, more FAQ’s? Watch below.

Want the short version (4min), straight to the point, fewer details? Watch below

Special Discount Pricing Ends This Friday!








Here at Rotate Digital, we have a huge burden to make sure we have a laser focus on very few things.




1. So you get amazing results that get you closer to your goals


2. In order to make sure we provide services that add tons of value to you


Because of this, over the last year we have been taking the moving industry by storm by providing amazing results for our clients. 

By going above and beyond. And crushing client goals for growing their business.


We have clients doubling, tripling, quadrupling their business with our services.


We have had owners go from $12,000/mo to $48,000/mo in 7 months with us.



We’ve helped clients go from $450,000 a year to breaking $1.2mil dollars a year later.


We’ve managed franchises, boosting all their locations to be found on Google

We have ranked our clients on Google in top spots so that Google becomes their top & best lead provider.


The best part is our clients are amazing!


They work hard on their business and trust us with our process.


AND none of our clients get forced into some long term contract! 


Since our clients businesses are the top priority and our reputation on the line we have been hesitant to haphazardly launch services to our clients.


Many of you guys (our clients) have asked us to provide more services and we have had to say no in order to make sure we don’t “just provide a service like everyone else”

We have held back to make sure when we launch, we do it with full expectation to crush results for our clients.

So today I am excited to announce 2 new services that we are offering our clients!

First, our Google SEO services are now going to include a heavy focus specifically on the Map ranking and Google Maps algorithm. Previously there was not a focus on this algorithm.

Yes, this means all of our clients success and results have been without even putting a heavy focus on maps! This is why this service is going to be so valuable. 

It’s going to supercharge your growth in your organic online presence.   

We have been building our process and experimenting with a few clients and have had amazing results! It’s going to be a no brainer for you guys to use this service. 


Second, we are officially launching our paid advertising service for moving business owners.

We have been getting requests on this so much, it had to happen.

So we have spent the last year, testing, building, and growing our PPC service to be simple, results focused, and powerful.


We are going to put you on the first page of Google, in front of potential clients all over Google.

Above the maps, on the maps, below the maps and more!

Over the last year of working on this, our clients have seen consistent leads flow in around $20-$40 per lead.

This means it’s going to be powerful enough to help owners move away from QuoteRunner, Craigslist, EquateMedia, HomeAdvisor.


We are going to bid on keywords focused on your location; focused on your profitable services, and focused on keywords with sales intent. No garbage B.S. keywords.


We will NOT bid on keywords that have no sales relevance.


We are going to make sure that your campaign is relevant to your audience and is trackable


Our PPC campaigns will be focused on putting fuel on the fire when it comes to the growth of your business.


 AND the best part is you don’t have to already be a client of ours to join this service. You can have us run your Google Ads campaign without using our SEO service!


So what’s the cost?

The new SEO Google maps algorithm focus: 

For current clients: 

This is going to be a no-brainer for you. Think about the results we have brought you already without maps algorithm being focused on. So, for current clients, just text us “what’s my price?” and we will send you your discounted client price to bring this into your current SEO plan. It’s discounted for you due to the fact that you are already a client of ours. We are going to be making the price as “no-brainer” as possible. If we don’t hear from you, we will try and reach out. 

For those who are not clients:

The pricing is going to be built in to the price that you could receive on our sales call. If you use our services to grow your business it will already be included in your pricing.

You don’t have to worry about it. Just jump on a sales call with us and if you are a good fit, you’ll get the offer from us with organic maps being included.

 Schedule a Sales Call Today


Pricing for our new Google Ads (PPC) Service:

For current clients & non-clients:

We are going to be launching our powerful paid ads service for $750/mo with a $500 one time start up cost. This flat fee is the cost of us creating, optimizing, building, and managing your Google Ads on a on-going basis. Including manipulating your website to focus on sales and conversions.

AND this week of launch we are going to running an incentive discount to get started with us with a 44% off price AND no start up fee! 

This means that until Friday at midnight (EST) you can get our PPC services for just $500/mo with NO start up cost. 

If you are thinking of running paid advertising with Google ads, we are going to make this simple and profitable for you!

If you are using another agency to run ads and they are not tracking it or making it profitable for you, it’s time to switch.

It’s time to join the countless moving business owners who have trusted us with the growth of their business and join us in growing your business using Google. 

Special Discount Pricing Ends This Friday!








So how do you get started with SEO?


If you are not doing SEO and you want to finally make the commitment to SEO using a proven strategy with an agency only focused on moving businesses with an amazing track record, then you’ll want to schedule a sales call with us. On this sales call we will go into your business and find out if SEO is right for you. 

 Schedule a Sales Call Today

So how do you get started with PPC?

Whether you are a current client or a new client, if you are wanting to grow your business using Google paid ads, then you’ll want to take advantage of our discount.

All you need to do to start is to get committed by paying the first month! There are no fancy contracts, no paper work.

Once we see your payment come through, you’ll get an email from us within 24 hours with a form to gather the information we need.

You’ll be off and running within a week or so!

Still have more questions? Want to see real moving business owners transformed by our services? 

↓ FAQ’s & Real Results Below ↓

Kyle says our SEO & PPC services are:

1. Life changing

2. Give him freedom

3. Best investment in his businesses growth.


↓ Real Results Below ↓

Read what she says below about her business when using our SEO services:


You talk about the maps, map pack, top 3 map pack…what does this mean?

It’s a very location focused search algorithm with Google and it’s a separate algorithm. Basically when someone searches for your services “moving companies,” “movers,” “movers near me,” etc. a map pack (show below) shows up. Many people call for quotes using the 3 that come up here. Our goal is to get you on this map pack in your local area and gain traction on this as you get further from your location. This will bring leads.


Does this SEO process work?

It 100% works. If you are eager to grow and you trust our process, you will grow and hit your goals. Just look at our testimonials on this website, and it’s a small portion of the testimonials. We continue to help our clients reach goals and new goals. Doubling, tripling their business. Clients who are stuck on lead generators like Craigslist, Home Advisor, QuoteRunner, etc are freed from them using our SEO services.

I’m already a paying client, is this going to be included?

If you are already a client, unless you started with us in the last few months, this is not included. We are going to make this as discounted as possible for you to get you on this process. It will be a no brainer. The results have been phenomenal for our clients that we have been running this for. Just text us, unless we text your first, for your pricing and other questions you may have.

I just signed up for your services, is this part of what I signed up for?

Yes, this is. If you signed up in the last couple of months, it’s part of the pricing I have included in the service. If you have concerns or questions just text us.

Why is this so good?

Because it’s how people find your business. If you didn’t have connections and you needed a moving company, you’d search for keywords like “movers,” “moving companies,” etc. and you’d most likely look at the top 3 maps with the best ratings and call 2-3 of them.

What’s the pricing?

The pricing for our SEO services are discussed on our final sales call. 🙂 If you are not a client with us, schedule a final sales call and fill out a form using this link. Follow all the steps so you get all the information. If you are already a client, text us for your unique discounted pricing. We will try to reach out to you this week.


Paid Ads FAQ

How much money do I need to spend?

You’ll want to at minimum match our pricing in paid spend. So if you spend $500/mo for our management, you’ll want to spend $500 or more on ad spend.

I’m already a client, is this included?

It’s not included. Take advantage of the discounted rates this week to get this started. If you have questions, just text us.

How do I sign up?

Just start by filling out the payment using the link on this page. Once we receive the submission we will send a form out for you to till out within 24 hours. Once we receive the form we will start the process of getting access to what we need access and start building the account. The goal is to be live with a functional sales website with in just 1-2 weeks!

Sign up now!

Where will my ads be shown?

Your ads will be shown on Google, above the maps, below the maps, and on the map pack!

What is retargeting and will you do that?

Retargeting is showing ads to people that have come to the website and left. Yes we will be doing this!

Is this guaranteed to work?

Yes this is guaranteed to work and get you leads! The question for you will be is this a profitable lead source for you to grow your business.

Is there a startup cost?

Yes, it is extremely important to get your website up to speed in terms of content and sales. This process takes time. The startup cost is waived as a special price through the end of this week.

What makes you guys better than others?

  1. Our track record. We continue to grow our client’s business and get them closer to their goals. Just look at the testimonials. Ask around. You’ll hear great stuff on us.

  2. We are a Google Partner. We are vetted out by Google saying we do this correctly. This means we do things how Google wants and we don’t just make things up and tell you were are awesome.

  3. We are focusing our method on making this campaign profitable, powerful, simple, and affordable. We are making it simple so you know this works. Affordable so you can sustain this for the long term.

Doesn’t everyone say results?

Yes everyone does, but few deliver. In fact, many say they focus on results but when you ask them about the results, they have data to show you that doesn’t make sense and therefore you are stuck not knowing if this works or doesn’t work. On top of this, they make it complex to make it cost you more money per month.

Why simplicity?

Many agencies complicate the Google ads process and build out to make it more complicated for you to understand. This means you’ll be forced to continue paying them to make it complicated for you and your business.

Why clarity?

The biggest pain point that Google Ads brings is confusion. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people tell me they or some agency is running their ads campaign but they have no idea about the actual results.

How will you track it?

We are going to go into your website and add code so we can track the movement of people who click on your business. You will get a simple, to the point report, on how much money you spent, and how many leads you had.

Is my website built for this?

My hope is yes! If not, that is why we charge an onboarding fee to get your website and account up to speed so that you don’t waste money.

↓ Let our Clients Speak for the Results Our Services Bring: 

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