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Let’s talk about the three reasons why SEO companies suck, in all reality. Yes, search engine optimization is cool and exciting at the same time, but some of the companies offering these professional SEO services just plainly suck.

So what does an SEO company do? Businesses that offer search engine optimization (SEO) as a service helps your website increase its discoverability in the world wide web by maximizing its visibility in the search engine results page (SERP). Basically, SEO helps your business to be found on Google when your customers search for your services on the internet. This is highly beneficial to enterprises like local businesses because it generates consistent leads if done right.

SEO can also be very technical so it is best to seek a professional’s help. So how do you choose a company that delivers quality results? First, you need to know if your SEO company “sucks” like most of them. Here are 3 reasons for your guidance:

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SEO companies suck because they put you into contracts.

The number one reason why SEO companies suck is they put you into contracts. So what happens is you get sold on an SEO idea. One such thing is that you know that you need to be found on Google. You know there are lots of benefits on this and they sell you on this idea. They would first attract you with fancy stuff and then take away money from you through upfront charges.

With a good SEO company, a fair contract is okay, it’s a win-win. You get the results. It’s on a contract. You were going to pay for them anyway. It’s a wash.

The dangerous part is when a bad SEO company sucks the money out of your business. They successfully sell you on the idea, they do some little stuff that makes them seem contributive to your business but now you’re stuck in a contract. I’ve had conversation after conversation with moving business owners and really just any business owner who has gotten into situations like this.

“I don’t see the results and it’s been 12 months.” Well, that’s bad. That’s why they do that. Bad companies will take advantage of unfair contracts. So that’s why I don’t do this. I don’t do contracts. It’s plain and simple: I am compensated by the value that I provide to your business. If my clients feel that I no longer provide value, then I am happy to let my clients choose other options. SEO is not a one size fits all solution. It’s one of an array of many good options.

SEO companies suck because they put you into contracts. It is important to be wary however, that contracts are not necessarily evil in itself but with a bad company, be on the lookout if they’re going to take advantage of you through unfair contracts.

SEO companies suck because it’s a long-term investment.

The number two reason why SEO companies suck is that it’s a long-term investment. It’s not necessarily why SEO companies suck. It’s why SEO is hard in itself, especially as a business owner. You get to pay for something that you don’t really benefit from at least in five or six months.

With candor, I’d like to tell you that it does suck at least for a while. How do you find the encouragement to invest in this service if it sucks? SEO is highly beneficial to your business. It is on who strategizes your SEO plan – your SEO company. If your SEO company is doing their job right, the value of a long term benefit is a reality. It is there. If you have this foresight as a client or business owner to invest in the long term, I’m happy for you. You are spending money on wise investments.

Also, if you have the budget, one of the best ways to promote your brand online is to couple it with a Google ads campaign. It’s the same way with advertising your business on Yellow Pages – you allow your business to be found when your customers search for you because they need you. This way, you get results driven right away. You can feel the benefit instantly if your Google ads strategist knows the ins-and-outs of managing such campaigns.

SEO and Google Ads should complement each other. One is not better than the other. The definition of better from these two heavily relies on your business objectives. On the short-term, Google ads is a good option but if you’re looking to promote your brand’s discoverability online with longevity, then SEO is the choice that I recommend for you. However, if you have the budget, it’s nice not to choose and take the two.

SEO companies suck because they over promise and under deliver.

The number three reason why SEO companies suck is that they over promise and then under deliver. Time and time again, I talk to business owners, moving business owners, who tell me, “I’m stuck with this SEO company but they don’t really get results…” I hear this story all the time from clients who have worked with SEO companies before. Bad SEO companies over promise what’s going to happen and they under deliver.

These bad companies may tell you that there are 1500 people searches for a keyword every single month and then sell you with the idea that 1500 people will be coming to your website to contact you. This is stupid. Many people search the same keywords over and over again because they are comparison shopping. If not, tell me I’m wrong, please. This just isn’t reality. Only a percentage of those people that are searching that term, even if you’re number one on Google, will actually visit your website. Not only that but also, only a fraction of those are actually going to contact you.

So you have to understand this reality when you get involved and you get to know these numbers. Ask the company. Ask who you’re talking to. Ask them, “What is this? What do the results look like? What’s the reality of it?” Get them to properly educate you on what to expect and their specific plan for your online growth.

If they tell you 1500 people are searching, don’t let them tell you that 1500 people are going to come to your website because that’s false. They can only over promise and then under deliver in these circumstances. Don’t let them confuse you with the technical jargon of SEO. Don’t hesitate to ask.

One other thing is they’d find these long tail keywords that are just irrelevant. Say “moving companies that are blue shirts and red heels”, right? Even if they would be able to rank you number one on Google for this search term, what’s the use? Would it really matter? No one really searches that. And even if these search terms get queries, what’s the point? You’re not going to get leads through that. There’s no value in spending your resources to irrelevant keywords. This is why SEO requires careful planning which includes knowing what keywords to target, results against a timeline, etcetera.  

SEO is not a cookie cutter process but there are still some ideas behind what should be expected. So just be careful. Hopefully, that helps with your SEO process. Don’t let them get you in contracts if they’re a bad company. You can politely ask not to be on a contract. The second thing that you can do to is not to let them over promise and under deliver. Check the numbers. Make sure they’re real. Check with other people. Make sure that when you invest in SEO, you know that it’s a long term thing. The last thing you want to do is spend the money to invest in SEO when you think it’s only going to be a two or three-month process.

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